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Sound is our first language.

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We are a diverse team of native and professional English and Spanish speakers. With over 6 years of experience designing voice overs for radio, TV, streaming, and social media, our goal is to provide you with voice acting that engages multiple demographics and psychographics and gets the attention of your audience.


Creating stunning music for video games, TV shows, and film is a journey we are no strangers to! And we will keep paving paths for companies, artists, and creators to put out masterpieces accompanied by effective sound design that will capture the hearts and souls of its audience.


Talk with us! And together let's create your story. 


Sergio is part of our voice talent pool and is one of our "go-to" voice talents for our client's overhead and on-hold messages. He continuously offers clean recordings with a very fast turnaround and is always accommodating with special requests.


Creative Director, Brand Messaging, Mood Media

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