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Sound is our first language.

Our Services

We are a diverse team of native and professional male and female English and Spanish speakers. With over 6 years of experience designing voice overs for radio, TV, streaming, and social media, and 15+ years composing music and sound, our goal is to provide you with audio that engages multiple demographics and psychographics and gets the attention of your audience. We also offer translation services. 


Creating stunning audio for video games, TV shows, and film is a journey we are no strangers to! And we will keep paving paths for companies, artists, and creators to put out masterpieces accompanied by creative and resonating sound that will capture the hearts and souls of its audience.

So, what do you need?

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“Our studio works with a wide range of clients, and when it comes to quality, reliable voice over work, we can always count on Arcadian Sounds to come through. From the high-quality, quick turnaround of the audio materials to the accuracy of translated scripts, Arcadian Sounds always makes it easy to work with and create exceptional work for our clients.”

Jackie Delgado, Executive Producer, Quarter Moon Productions

Lets get your project finished!

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