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We Grew UP in Sound

My name is Sergio Leal (hi!), and since I can remember music and sound have been an integral part of how I communicate with and to the world. I've been formally and informally educated in music composition, theory, instrumentation, and many of the things needed to be a great musician.

As a voice-over actor, my career began whilst working as a VO at iHeart Media/iHeart Radio in 2016. I've taken from both the self-taught skills and formal education in audio production at COMIA in San Antonio, Texas from applied it to creating great quality and message through voice-over work for businesses, advertising agencies, and post-production houses, looking to create an emotional story to get their message out. 

Most importantly I believe, however, is my emotional and analytical processes learned from acquiring my B.A in psychology from the University of Texas at Austin and my continuous curiosity and learning of the human experience - it has led to creative insights in advertising and storytelling and how we connect as humans. 

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