We specialize in composing tailored music, soundscapes, voice-over & audio branding based on your exclusive needs.  

 If you have a story you need to share, we're confident we have the tools to capture the powerful and emotive sound
that was made to go with it.

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Sergio Leal

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Founder, Director

Composer, Producer
Voice Over Artist


Kathryn Dodd,

Founding Director

Over the years I have contracted several audio producers/editors with my company but none as good as Sergio. His attention to detail is exemplary as are his communication skills. I have been totally satisfied with Arcadian Sounds' work and they have also offered technical solutions to further refine our audio production. Sergio is a valued member of our team and I would highly recommend his audio production/ editing service.

Great Health Guide (AU)

Marisa Cuevas,

Co-Founder and Co-Host

We are so thankful for Arcadian Sounds and the expertise they offered to Girl Talk y Más Podcast. 

Sergio has helped us with consultation of editing our episodes to adjusting our voice levels correctly. We stream our podcast over 5 platforms including iTunes and iHeart radio and it is really important that our content has the correct audio levels. We look forward to collaborations on more projects in the near future!

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Arcadian Sounds is a music composition, sound design, and voice-over company in San Antonio, Texas. We speak English and Spanish.  

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