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IVR and Voice Messaging - Why Genuine and Friendly WILL Keep Your Customers Coming Back

I love Psychology. It teaches us so many things about the human condition, and if you're a business or in advertising, it teaches you just as much about keeping your client happy. Which is why sadly, there is one overlooked aspect that people easily dismiss when it comes to exuding professionalism.. but I'm here to help you. *drum roll* it's being genuine and friendly! (It's in the title.) So, if your clients ever call you and you need to have an automated voice messaging system, this is for you. Welcome.... to the importance of IVR systems sounding both professional and friendly! (They're the same!)

IVR systems are an essential part of modern business, allowing companies to automate some of their phone-based customer service processes. However, it is crucial that these systems are well-designed, with clear and concise prompts and, most importantly, a friendly and welcoming voiceover.

IVR systems are often the first point of contact between a customer and a business, and it is so so vital to make a good first impression. You ever go to a restaurant where they keep you waiting to order for like 20 minutes even though it's not really busy, and even though the food might be good you don't want to give it another chance? It's happened to me before. It's the same for your business. Your clients need to feel important, not like just another call an AI voice, or someone with little feeling towards the client might make them feel! Let me give you some quick statistics since I do have a vested interest in you hiring voice talent: 1. Improved customer experience: According to a survey conducted by Voice123, 87% of respondents said that a professional voice over would improve the overall customer experience.

2. Increased credibility and trust: A study by found that 68% of respondents believe that a professional voice over makes a company appear more credible and trustworthy.

3. Enhanced brand image: According to the same study, 77% of respondents believe that a professional voice over enhances a company's brand image.

4. Better customer retention: In a study by Interactions, it was found that customers are 23% more likely to remain loyal to a company that provides a positive IVR experience.

5. Higher conversion rates: Another study by Interactions found that a positive IVR experience can lead to a 12% increase in sales conversion rates.

6. Improved comprehension: According to a study by VUI Design, a professional voice over can improve comprehension rates by up to 85% compared to synthetic voices.

The voiceover on the IVR system should be warm and inviting for the majority of businesses, making the customer feel welcome and appreciated. It is essential to create a sense of empathy and understanding, even though the customer may be waiting on hold or navigating a complex menu. A friendly and professional voiceover can help to mitigate customer frustration and create a positive experience for the customer. Both the product service and customer service sell your product.

In conclusion, my dear reader, get yourself a professional and friendly voiceover if your clients call you and they have to talk to an automated voice for any reason. It doesn't have to be Arcadian Sounds, even though we specialize in creating voiceovers that are warm, inviting, and empathic while still exuding professionalism, in both English in Spanish! Erhm, anyway, we primarily want you to understand the importance of creating a positive customer experience also applies to atuomated services, more than a great majority or businesses care to accept to themselves. Make every person who hears your automated voice system feel heard as well.

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