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What the rise in viewership in Spanish language TV means for advertisers.. and for voice-over!

Every morning, I wake up (crazy but it's true). I stretch my entire body because it feels really good to do so, and then I look @ my gmail (not as crazy, were all phone addicted). Sometimes I just delete everything, but today is a very interesting day for human behavior, the digital age, and Advertisers if you focus on Spanish demographics. The Marketing Brew put out an excellent story on why Spanish-language TV viewership is rising. In summary: networks such as Univision and Telemundo have been 'growing daily audience reach even as many other major networks are seeing steady declines. 'In the second quarter of 2022, Univision's growth more than doubled YoY to an average daily reach of 5 million, while Telemundo's average daily reach increased by 46% to about 2.2 million, according to data Samba TV.' Here's something even more interesting they said: 'traditional TV measurement has historically undercounted Hispanic and other minority audiences. While the issue is more widespread than any single measurement firm, Roca and Riess said, Roca pointed to Nielsen’s undercount of TV audiences during the pandemic as a recent example'. Now, at this point it is likely that if this interests you or benefits you you may be thinking, 'okay, why is viewership rising when streaming services are only getting bigger, and why Hispanic viewership?' To which I say, THAT is not as important as the fact that it's happening. Sure, understanding the demographic shift and psychographics which such technological advances in how we consume media IS important to target your audiences properly. It is not as important, as the fact that attention is already there. One of the beautiful things about advertising and media in TV (cable in this case) is the refined and professional nature of it. The main reason for the fact that viewership and advertising money is moving to the spanish markets more now is because it has been unrepresented, in viewership as much as in the numbers of Hispanic people making up this country. And us Hispanics, let me tell you: we want to be represented, out there and in here (TV means here) We want commercials made just in spanish, we want to see big brands making the same campaign in english as they did in spanish, for us! We want to feel that we are part of this country, and when we spend our days surrounded by media, yet most of the fancy, creative and large ad time we see is in Spanish. Here in San Antonio we had the pleasure of being part of several campaigns that understand this quite well: Thomas J Henry commercials, done in tandem with Quarter Moon Productions and Arcadian Sounds:

There is nothing better for the Spanish demographic of the US to know that whether they speak English or Spanish, they are represented. It may not be directly embedded within the primary message of the ad but it speaks volumes towards the emotional part of the viewers, and that is: we care about Hispanic communities as well. Our product, our services are as much for you as they are for our English community because you are both one and the same. The best part for brands? ''...I think the beauty of [what] Spanish-language does is that it brings you this unduplicated audience that you’re just not getting on English-language media.” This is where the attention - and money - is. Be well and take advantage. Full article again, here.

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