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During COVID, We're Giving the Gift of Musical Ideas, For Free.

It is... not really sure what day during this COVID era (I chose to maintain my sanity by not counting), and it occurred to me, I am very grateful to hear melodies in my head and project them out into the world via my musical tools all the time. I know there are so many that will never be used, or arent resonating with current projects. That doesn't mean they won't be the right sound for someone else! INTRODUCING... Samples of Arcadia! There will be a new sound at least once a week. This week's sound is an edgy, almost Mediterranean, aggressive, and fast guitar lick. Full of melody, but fast enough to not take over the song. It makes me think of the amazing strings in Auditorium, by Mos Def, primarily the mystery-subtle-power of it. If you're reading this, enjoy and download at the SoundCloud link.

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